Procedures for elaboration and design of documents


Document and archive management rules


Procedures for the Development, Execution, Storage and Circulation of Electronic Documents in State and Local Government Institutions and Procedures for the Circulation of Electronic Documents between State and Local Government Institutions or between These Institutions and Natural and Legal Persons


Procedures by which a document included in the national documentary heritage may be temporarily exported from the Republic of Latvia, as well as copies of the security of this document shall be made and the number thereof shall be determined


Procedures for Transferring Documents to Permanent State Storage in the National Archives of Latvia

Procedures for converting public documents into electronic form


Regulations of the National Archives of Latvia


Regulations of the National Archives of Latvia

Price list of public paid services of the National Archives of Latvia

Home file maintenance and updating rules

Regulations of the National Documentary Heritage Register

Rules on the exclusion of a document from the national documentary heritage

Regulations regarding the Type of Evaluation of Electronic Documents, the Procedure for Preservation and Transfer to the State Archives for Storage

Regulations Regarding Documents Certifying the Progress of a Person's Work or Service and Education, Which Have Archival Value, and Terms of Storage

Regulations on the State Fee for the Preparation and Issuance of a Social Legal Statement of the National Archives of Latvia

Rules for compiling official statistics in the field of culture

Procedure for accreditation of private archives

Procedures for the creation, design, transfer, termination, renewal and storage of a probation client's file

Laws in force in Latvia, regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, etc. regulatory enactments can be found in the legal portal of the "Latvijas Vēstnesis"