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Genealogical research

Genealogical research


It is possible to do family research on your own on the Internet using portal Raduraksti .

You may conduct genealogical studies in reading rooms of the National Archives of Latvia.

You can request a genealogical research done on a professional basis at the Archives.


Ho to fill a request

You must submit a request written in free narration.

Please indicate maximum of known information concerning the members of kin in the request:

  • family name of the kin to be investigated,
  • names, family names of the known kinsfolk, their birth date and place, marriage registration date and place, death registration date and place, denomination, parish and other facts (schools, jobs, names of real estate until 1944 in Latvia), which which could be used for starting a research,
  • occupation until 1940,
  • places of residence until 1940, pointing out a town or a parish, or manor-house and name of the homestead, etc.

The applicant’s name, family name, personal code and/or date of birth, postal address, contact phone, e-mail must be indicated in the request.


How to order

You can order genealogical research from your home computer using  online service (in Latvian).

Requests can be also submitted:

•   by e-mail lna@arhivi.gov.lv or vestures.arhivs@arhivi.gov.lv,

•   by regular mail: Latvian State Historical Archives, Slokas Street16, Riga, Latvia, LV-1048,

•   in person at the Latvian State Historical Archives or in any division of the National Archives of Latvia.


Advance payment

The Archives commence execution of genealogical research after receiving of advance EUR 70.

You will receive an advance payment invoice upon submission the request at the Archives.

The advance can be paid by card at the Archives, via bank transfer, by postal order.

In case of a positive answer the advance payment is included in the final calculation of costs.

In case of a negative answer the client is informed about the investigation made and its results. The advance covers the searching expenses and is not reimbursed.


Price of genealogical research

The costs of genealogical research are calculated according to price-list of National Archives of Latvia.

The costs depend on the quantity of the documents searched, the number of persons and the amount of information found.


Delivery time

The Archives carry out a genealogical research within 8–12 months, in some cases it takes even more time.



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