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An archive statement

Review of requests by natural and legal entities received at the NAL, and preparation of archive statements, document copies, excerpts, true copies.


To receive an archive statement, a derivative document (copy, excerpt, true copy) or the original of a person’s document (employment record, education document, etc., which is held at the archive and is still legally valid), a person must submit a signed request in person (or via mail) to any structural unit of the NAL, by submitting it on the E-services site of the NAL portal, upon authenticating with a secure electronic signature or via internet banking, or by creating an account (now, the account can be used in cases when such information is requested that has no access restrictions and does not require personal identification); the request can be sent via e-mail with a secure electronic signature.

From persons living abroad, to expedite the receipt of the request, the NAL also accepts scanned requests attached to an e-mail message, accompanied by a copy of a proof of identity and a copy of the document that is necessary for fulfilling the request (employment record, diploma, etc.).

To prepare a request, NAL request forms (norāde) are used (a person living abroad may use the translated form (norāde uz tulkojumu krievu, angļu valodā) or a request in free format is prepared, by indicating the personal data (name, surname, patronymic, previous surnames, date of birth), contact information, data at the disposal of the person regarding the matter at hand and information that they wish to receive or confirm; the request must be dated and signed by hand.

If the information provided in the request is insufficient for execution, the archive shall request additional information or copies of the necessary documents, upon receipt whereof, the NAL starts to execute the request.

If the NAL does not hold documents that are necessary to execute the request, it shall be forwarded to the institution that holds the relevant documents, by informing the person about it or the person is suggested to address the institution that has the competency to reply to the question included in the request.


  • Upon request, the NAL commonly prepares the following:

-statements of socially legal nature;

-statements for any matter, copies and extracts of documents;

-genealogical research.

The NAL social-legal statement contains information about employment, education, service in armed forces and other bodies, title of property, civil status deeds, visitation record at medical establishments, entry of persons into Latvia and removal thereof from Latvia, court judgements and other matters that the private individual requests for submitting at institutions (State Social Insurance Agency, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, courts, etc.) in cases prescribed by the law. The term to prepare a social-legal statement prescribed in the law is one month, which, on objective grounds, may be extended by the NAL director to 4 months.

A stamp duty must be paid for the preparation of a social-legal statement, the extent whereof depends on the number of facts included in the statement, pursuant to Regulations on the stamp duty for the preparation and issuance of a social-legal statement of the National Archives of Latvia A person may request expedited preparation of a statement from 5 to 15 working days, by paying an extra stamp duty.


Examples of the amount of stamp duty:           

- a social-legal statement about the employment duration in 1 job – 2 facts (hiring and firing of a person), execution deadline: one month, stamp duty: EUR 14.23; execution deadline: 5 working days, stamp duty – EUR 56.91;

- a social-legal statement on wages for the last 5 working years (monthly division) — 5 facts, execution deadline: one month, stamp duty: EUR 28.46; execution deadline: 5 working days, stamp duty: EUR 113.83;

- stamp duty for social-legal statements including 20 facts and more with the execution deadline of one month: EUR 99.60; execution deadline 5 working days: EUR 398.40;

- stamp duty for a social-legal statement with a negative result (the specific requested data is not found in the archive documents) is EUR 14.23.

- an informative archive statement on that the respective documents are not held at the NAL is issued free of charge.

The original of a person’s document held at the NAL (employment record, education document, etc.), having legal effect, can be received upon paying for the search of the document in the archives and for the costs of sending in a registered mail dispatch.

The NAL issues free statements to requests received from the relevant law enforcement bodies of countries, with which Latvia has concluded legal assistance agreements.


- an archive statement that a natural or legal entity requests at the NAL in any matter and which contains data available in NAL documents about a fact, event or a person, for personal use;

- a certified derivative of a document stored in an archive (copy, excerpt of a document);

- a translation of the archive statement text (in English, Russian, German).


  • The term for preparing the derivative of a statement, a derivative of a document prescribed in the Cabinet Regulations is 30 days. To execute the service faster — in 5, 10 or 15 working days, upon a person’s request, payment with a factor of 4, 3 or 2 is applied.

In case of a large volume statement, the NAL agrees on extension of the execution deadline with the applicant.

  • Genealogical study (data about the history of a family).


Payment for the prepared NAL replies (archive statement, derivative document or other) and delivery to the applicant.


The individual or organisation can receive the NAL reply after the stamp duty is paid for the preparation of the social-legal statement and the payment has accrued to the state general budget account in the State Treasure and/or the NAL invoice has been paid for the provided service and the payment has been received at the NAL current account. The bank payment order must state the applicant’s name, surname, the number and date of the stamp duty notification or invoice to ensure that the payment is identified in databases. The NAL reply can be received in a form that the client has requested in the application (in the portal, via mail to the indicated address or in person at a structural unit of the NAL).

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