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The reading rooms

The NAL Reading services are subject to the Procedure of Using Documents at the reading rooms of the National Archives of Latvia.

At the reading rooms of the NAL, the visitors can receive the following free-of-charge services:

  • To study documents stored at the relevant archive; archive files registered at the Single System of State Archives can also be ordered online
  • To use archive reference system: case descriptions, record lists, electronic registers and databases, archive manuals, guidebooks, guides, historical reference from archives, thematic and subject-matter catalogues of documents and guides, etc.;
  • To receive consultations from reading room staff regarding the contents and composition of documents;
  • To take photographs of documents issued for use at the reading room pursuant to the Procedure of use of documents at the reading rooms of the National Archives of Latvia

At the NAL reading rooms, the following paid services are available:

  • To use specialised archive equipment for showing and playing audio-visual documents (paid service).


To register for using the reading room, a person lodges an application stating their name, surname, address, education and scientific degree, education establishment or place of employment (if researching documents for studies or on behalf of employer), research objectives, topic and chronological framework. The person’s provided data are protected under the Personal Data Protection Law (passed on 23.03.2000) and the provided information is processed only for the purposes of providing services of the National Archives of Latvia and for statistical analysis.

The application form can be found here; it can be received and prepared also at a NAL reading room. It is also possible to register for the use of reading rooms online, on the NAL portal.

Upon commencing the use of archive reading rooms, the user must produce a proof of identity to a staff member of the reading room and review the Procedure of the use of documents at the reading rooms of the National Archives of Latvia.

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